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Every Organization Benefits from an Outstanding Technology Model!

Every organization, public, private, non-profit, large and small is dependent upon technology.  Phones, email, security, client relations, space to store data, ability to share data, back-up and recovery, are only a few examples of the ways in which we use technology every day.  Larger organizations often have the ability to spend a great deal of money on technology, hardware, software, resources, and human capital.  Smaller organizations, however, have the same needs, however smaller budgets.  This is the arena where Global Link IT thrives.  

Global Link IT's mission is to fill that technology void for small businesses, acting as an extension of your team and trusted partner.  Leveraging a variety of cloud based tools from industry leading providers such as Microsoft and Google, Global Link IT offers simple, easy-to-use technology solutions, for organizations of all sizes.

Organizations no longer need to have technology infrastructure housed within their walls.  Nearly every aspect of technology usage can be satisfied by a virtual model, and support can be managed remotely for a fraction of the cost.  In fact, in most cases, cloud based technology tools are far superior to in-house tools, and are cheaper, include version updates as part of their service agreements, and are more secure based on stringent security protocols.

Finally, Global Link IT's service pricing model is designed with small business in mind.  We do not lock you into monthly minimum service contracts.  You simply pay an hourly rate, billed at the end of each month, for the service you use.  If you do not utilize service in a given month, you will not receive an invoice.

Who we Serve


Our clients come from many industries, representing a cross section of small businesses in the private and public sector.  We have a great deal of experience managing IT solutions and specialty software in Law Firms, Insurance Agencies, Charter, Public, and Private Schools, Accounting Firms, Healthcare Offices, and Nonprofit Organizations to name a few.

Contact Global Link IT to discuss ways in which we can help you transform your technology model to better meet your needs!

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